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Balance was a Danish music group with members Jan Nørby (vocals and acoustic guitar), Benjamin Jensen (guitar), Søren Skøtt (vocals and keyboard), Hasse Krüger (drums), and Thomas Fallemann (bass). The Balance group was formed in 1996 and play their last show during the summer of 2004 They all composed and worte music together - and everything was published on the *Balancemusic* Lable. Approximately 7500 cd where sold (This was long before the internet and music-streaming) but the real Balance was the live shows that impressed thruout the 8 years the band played. Below, you can listen to the most requested (Balance) song in Chile, where it was a radio hit for a few weeks in 2003 - and probably the closest thing Balance had to a radio hit in Denmark as well (THANK YOU 'The Voice' of Denmark). For additional info contack

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